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The recent pandemic necessitated a shift towards remote and hybrid working for many large businesses, rendering traditional office switchboards almost useless.

For small and medium sized enterprise (SMEs), the battle for survival also intensified but many of those that are thriving in these challenging times have become more proactive, efficient, and competitive by rapidly adapting to new ways of working, frequently by adopting new innovation, in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

SMEs are in a war that requires them to become Better, Faster and Cheaper than their competitors, and in these battles, every Minute, and every Cent counts, and above all,  CONSTANT COMMUNICATION is a key to survival!

A new weapon to add to your SME arsenal, is an affordable mobile PABX that provides a significantly more reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and intelligent communication solution , accessible to and specifically tailored for the needs of an SME.

And then, by using a combination of newly affordable Mobile + AI + CRM components, a world of previously unimaginable possibilities can open up for small and medium sized business operations.

The Power of Intelligent Switchboards:
A mobile switchboard that has comprehensive knowledge and crucial information about your company, customers, and potentially, market information, is already an intelligent evolution of what was once a purely transactional system.

A switchboard that can also do things for you like accessing diaries as a simple will know where you are and what you are doing and can follow rules that know when and where you can, or can’t be disturbed…

This knowledge can then be used to streamline conversations and to enhance offers, build relationships, and improve overall efficiency of service.

Rapid Adoption of AI Solutions, at every level
With the rise of AI solutions like Microsoft’s Co-Pilot, integrating AI into daily business conversations is already happening. Its arrived and embedded and not going away!

Leveraging AI within intelligent switchboard features revolutionizes the way businesses communicate and here too, relatively simplistic solutions have been used for years, mostly guided by sophisticated setups of CRM systems.

Integration with Business Systems and Processes:
Integrating intelligent switchboards with related business systems and processes will be crucial for best results. This blend of technology increases usefulness and efficiency, setting the stage for a better-performing organization, having a competitive advantage and happier, more profitable customers.

The Ideal Platform – Mobile PABX Solution n Rugged Mobile Hardware:
In a full or partial work from home operation, a mobile PABX solution is the perfect platform for incorporating AI and AI-guided conversations. Its mobility, flexibility, and accessibility provide a superb foundation for businesses to adapt and thrive.

MobiNET blazes the trail:
MobiNET is at the forefront of developing mobile PABX solutions. Their commitment to innovation is proven by integration with AI, ChatGPT, chat functions, and a broad-based compatibility with CRM systems and useful utilities such as quote-from-phone, that are in the pipeline.

Increase Efficiency using MobiNET Mobile PABX:
A mobile PABX solution also streamlines workflows to improve efficiency across all business aspects. Example scenarios include receiving a call whilst you are on the road or working from home, directing inquiries to the right department, and generating real-time quotes whilst the customer is on the phone.

The Bottom Line:
Cost is everything in a competitive world. An intelligent MobiNET PABX provides reliable, stable FREE calls to colleagues and cheaper calls to customers, by delivering voice calls on dedicated voice infrastructure that has the broadest coverage, alongside most reliability.

Intelligent mobile PABX solutions have the potential to transform small and medium-sized businesses by enhancing communication and increasing operational efficiency whilst reducing costs. Embracing these technologies can help businesses stay ahead in a constantly evolving landscape.

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