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Why switch to MobiNET?

Welcome to 2022 and the new normal of Mobile Switchboards and PABX

International research suggests that as much as 33% of businesses don’t intend to have an office in the future and another 33% intend having only essential staff work from the office in the future. That leaves two-thirds of your workforce outside the reach of your traditional switchboard.

Compelling reasons you should switch to a mobile PBX

Connect your entire workforce again.

All roads lead to home these days and employees are for the most part, loving it. Expect them to work from home as much as they can and adapt to the new way of work. Yes, Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp have catered more than adequately for the crisis, now it’s time to optimise for a new and long-term reality.


Save costs.

Free internal calls, 50% cost reduction when calling your customers on mobile networks. Pay only for what you use with per second billing. Need we say more?


Improve customer service.

Win back all the features of a traditional switchboard such as queueing calls, on-hold, forwarding, recording messaging, group calls, ghost, and supervised calls, and many more. Inconsistent internet quality, reliability and speed and the associated frustration with VOIP means dropped connections, frustrated employees, and irritated customers.



Separate business from personal lives.

Conducting business using a personal phone used for business or a business-phone blended with personal life gets messy, especially when the kids start sharing the phone at home! In the urgency of pandemics and lockdowns, it’s understandable and acceptable to make-do with this sub-par arrangement, but now that the panic is over, we need to separate the chaos from the organisation.


Improve teamwork.

Yes, making it easier and cheaper, even free, to call your colleagues means that they call each other more often, communicate and collaborate more.


Reduce logistics and admin.

Centralised billing for all your employees’ mobile calls between themselves as well as between them and their customers, means only one system to manage and only one bill to pay. Ensuring that every team member has working, and reliable internet connection can be an administrative nightmare and huge expense. Go ahead, spare yourself the detail and the hassle!

Compelling reasons you should switch to a mobile PBX

Separate business and personal hardware.

Have you checked the state of repair of your employees’ phones? These devices, used 24/7 in every possible environment, dropped 3 times per day with cracked screens and worn-out batteries are what is running your business today. And, every time an employee’s phone breaks or doesn’t charge, that part of your business stops. That’s why we prefer rugged mobile hardware with dual sims, one for personal and one for business!


Improve HR with emplyee self service.

Moving simple but critical employee functions onto their work phone, making it easier and faster to do them and leave more time to do what you’re paying them to do. Tasks like checking in and out, booking work appointments, completing timesheets or travel logs, applying for leave, expense claims and more…


Work from home insights and business intelligence.

When your team works from a business phone that you provide, it generates pure data that can be used to measure and optimize the business. Without this data, you’re at least partly flying blind, or even worse, making assumptions based on loosely informed perception. Getting and using data that aligns efforts and focus with results will make the difference between poor and amazing results achieved by your work from home force.


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