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The most cost effective way to connect mobile teams


A mobile PBX in your pocket

Simple. Cost Effective. Reliable.

MobiNET is the first fully-featured, GSM-based mobile PABX system that allows mobile teams to stay connected via low cost per second billing. Is your team in a remote area with poor access to data networks? MobiNET is the solution for you! We provide a mobile PBX system that even works across 2G networks.

Eliminate the barriers to communication


MobiNET allows your team to stay connected by mobile PBX with tracked and well-priced per second billing that will drop your overheads.


MobiNET app even keeps your team connected under 2G network coverage. No more unreliable VoIP solutions that drop you like your signal does.


MobiNET technology gives your team a user-friendly system and best-of-breed technology to ensure that our system works as hard as you do.

Dropping the cost to
connect mobile teams

Drop the hassle and the cost of connecting your team

A pocket mobile PBX

MobiNET is a downloadable app that allows mobile teams to stay connected via low cost per minute billing.

The apps you need

Need to WhatsApp a team member? Take a picture? Send an Email? You can do it all from MobiNET. We’ve got you integrated into your favourite apps.

All extensions together

Access your team members instantly through their extensions. We keep your contact list updated with their extensions so that you don’t need to worry about it.

The support that counts

There’s nothing worse than technology without human support. We’re a nationwide team that’s ready to guide and support your team!

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