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MobiNET Premium New Features Launch at Apogee Boutique Hotel & Spa
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MobiNET Unveils Cutting-Edge Features in Exclusive Product Launch

February 2, 2024
– MobiNET, a leading innovator in communication technology, celebrated a significant milestone with the exclusive…

A New Era of Intelligent Mobile PABX for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

August 25, 2023
Introduction: The recent pandemic necessitated a shift towards remote and hybrid working for many large…

The End of 2G & 3G Technology in South Africa

July 12, 2022
Currently, MobiNET does not consume data for voice calls. Calls are made using normal GSM…

Remote Workers on the Increase in 2022

April 26, 2022
The Digital Nomad trend has become more than just another trend. In fact, the numbers…
voice calls - convergence

Voice Resurgence in South Africa

April 12, 2022
This is clearly demonstrated by the more than 30% increase in voice calls in the…
MobiNET Telecommunications

Great News for IT and Telecoms Companies in SA

April 6, 2022
Due to the pandemic and changing work environment favouring ICT providers and forcing businesses to…